SCR Calculator User Manual

Version Last modified 2024-3-21

Web-based Verbal Explanations

The SCR Calculator can give explanations of any particular single asset SCR calculation in English, and reference associated legislations. The lower half of the SCR form upon every calculation displays verbal explanations of the calculation output, such as below:

This makes the calculations transparent to non-actuarial financial analysts and enables you to verify the calculations.

You can also click the "Explain the Calcs" button to open a page in your web browser, displaying the same explanatory notes. To the right of the button, there is a textbox displaying the URL of that page, in case you wish to manually copy+paste into the address bar of your browser. These are all redundant facilities in case the in-app view fails, or you turned off the "Auto-Web Explain" and wish to strictly control what parameters to be sent to the online API and when.