SCR Calculator User Manual

Version Last modified 2024-3-21

Rating Interpretation in the SCR Calculator

Rating to Rating Index

The SCR Calculator can interpret the following rating expressions and translate them into the corresponding rating index in its internal workings: The "Simple" format is the preferred format used by the SCR Calculator.

Rating Index Rating - Simple Rating - All Interpreted Expressions
1 "AAA" "AAA", "A1.1" , "L1" , "HR+1(G)", "AAApre", "Pfd-1 (high)", "HR AAA(G)"
2 "AA1" "AA+", "AA1", "AA HIGH", "AA (HIGH)", "A++", "Pfd-1", "HR AA+ (G)"
3 "AA2" "AA", "AA2", "A1+", "A-1+", "R-1 H", "P1", "AMB-1+", "AS1+", "L2", "F1+", "M1+", "J1+", "K1+", "Pfd-1 (low)", "HR AA (G)"
4 "AA3" "AA-", "AA3", "R-1 M", "AA LOW", "HR AA- (G)"
5 "A1" "A+", "A1", "A HIGH", "A (HIGH)", "AMB-1", "HR A+ (G)"
6 "A2" "A", "A2", "A-1", "P2", "AS1", "F1", "M1", "J1", "K1", "R-1 L", "HR A (G)"
7 "A3" "A-", "A3", "A LOW", "A (LOW)", "AMB-1-", "HR A- (G)"
8 "BBB1" "BBB+", "BBB1", "BAA1", "BBB HIGH", "BBB (HIGH)", "R-2 H", "HR BBB+ (G)"
9 "BBB2" "BBB", "BBB2", "BAA2", "R-2 M", "P3", "AMB-2", "A-2", "AS2", "L3", "F2", "J2", "M2", "K2", "HR BBB (G)"
10 "BBB3" "BBB-", "BBB3", "BAA3", "BBB LOW", "BBB (LOW)", "R-2 L", "AMB-3", "A-3", "F3", "M3", "K3", "HR BBB- (G)"
10.5 "NA" "NA", "NR", "WR", ""
11 "BB1" "BB+", "BB1", "BA1", "BB HIGH", "BB (HIGH)", "AS3", "HR BB+ (G)"
12 "BB2" "BB", "BB2", "R-3", "B-1", "J3", "BA2", "NP", "AMB-4", "AS4", "HR BB (G)"
13 "BB3" "BB-", "BB3", "BA3", "BB LOW", "BB (LOW)", "AS5", "HR BB- (G)"
14 "B1" "B+", "B1", "B HIGH", "B (HIGH)", "HR B+ (G)"
15 "B2" "B", "B2", "R-4", "B-2", "HR B (G)"
16 "B3" "B-", "B3", "B-3", "B LOW", "B (LOW)", "HR B- (G)"
17 "CCC1" "CCC+", "CAA1", "CCC1", "CCC HIGH", "CCC (HIGH)", "HR C+ (G)"
18 "CCC2" "CCC", "CCC2", "CAA2", "HR C (G)"
19 "CCC3" "CCC-", "CCC3", "CAA3", "CCC LOW", "CCC (LOW)", "HR C- (G)"
20 "CC1" "CC+", "CC1", "CA1", "HR D (G)"
21 "CC2" "CC", "CC2", "CA2", "CA"
22 "CC3" "CC-", "CC3", "CA3"
23 "C" "C", "C1", "C2", "C3"
24 "SD" "SD", "D", "E", "F", "S", "R"