SCR Calculator User Manual

Version Last modified 2024-3-21

Web Version

For the web version, no installation is needed. The functionalities should be self-explanatory. If anything is unclear, you can jump to the "Single Asset SCR Calculation" section of this User Manual to get better understanding.

The appearances of the inputs/outputs look different between the web version and the desktop version. This User Manual has been written with snapshots from the desktop version.

The web version is a simplified version of one sub-module of the desktop version, and is intended for demo of principle and quick reference only. There are advanced functionalities that are in the desktop version but absent in the web version. For detailed comparison between the two, please see this page.

Desktop Version

SCR Calculator full desktop version can be installed using a .msix installer as explained in Installation Guide, or directly from MS Store. Once the App is installed, you can directly log in using your company SSO account without having to pre-register. Free trial period is 30 days.

Upon your first usage of the App, it will create an account for you on this website, with the same email as your SSO account email, and a default password "12345678". Remember to log in here and change your password. With a website login, you can access the web version.

Access Confirmation

New users will see such a screen upon first time SSO login:

Don't panic because this is only a normal confirmation message, which is explained here: Azure SSO- How to remove approval required screen after sign in - Stack Overflow.

The only data the App ‘reads’ is your SSO username and computer name. No confidential information is read. You can see the App’s privacy policy here: Privacy Policy ( So please rest assured, request approval if needed (or ask your IT to remove this message) and proceed with using the App.