Release Notes

Last Updated: 2024-3-21

23th June 2023

Miscellaneous Improvements in v1.5.7

  • Now only organisational users can log in - changed SSO scope. Previously personal account users can also log in; this has to be removed due to some unknown SSO log-in issues.
  • Added average rating in Summary Row of the Allocation Table
  • ICS single asset interest rate stress and explanations added
  • ICS interest rate simulation random seed set/get added in Menu
  • Added columns and rows drag-and-drop for MP form and SAA form
  • Improved single asset cashflow and curves download
  • Added demo inputsheets download form in Menu
  • Resized the scr, cf and welcome forms to be the same width
  • Changed all date time pickers to 'short' format

Added the following validation checks in Allocation Table in the SAA form:

  • Index and Asset Class must be unique and non-empty
  • User cannot edit 'Total' row
  • Expected Return must be numeric and non-empty
  • Current Allocation, Lower Bound, Upper Bound must be numeric, non-empty and positive
  • Lower Bound must be less than or equal to Upper Bound
  • Annualised Volatility and Duration must be numeric and positive, or empty
  • Currency must be 3-letter currency and non-empty
  • Rating must be within the interpreted rating expressions range
  • Whole table checked upon import

Bug fixes

  • Made 'value' auto-update after any 'Metric' update, even if 'Column' not updated
  • Fixed a small bug in aggregating the MP - NR to NR