Release Notes

Last Updated: 2024-7-15

9th September 2023

Introducing the Web Version

The web version of the SCR Calculator has gone live! It simply lives on the website frontpage and can do multi-jurisdictional single asset SCR calculations and provide underlying data and verbal explanations in one go.

[Temp Limits] Currently the web version is under active development, and only Solvency II and Bermuda SCR are included. But by the end of this month, all the regulatory regimes included in the desktop version will also be available in the web version.


The advantage of having a web version are:

  • It is free!
  • convenience of use - no installation needed. You do not need to wait for company IT approval.
  • cross-platform availability - no longer Windows-only. You can now access the tool from your pad or phone.
  • nicer front-end touch-and-feel - important factor according to some user feedbacks.
  • instant verbal explanations- not only calculation results, but also why we arrived at those results on this particular asset. Thus you no longer have to wait a couple of days for someone to be back from leave to answer such questions. And it is something that Chat-GPT can only give spurious answers (so far). This functionality is also available in the desktop version, but the nature of the web brings out its prominent advantage of convenience.

Compared with the Desktop Version

The web version is equivalent to only one module of the Desktop version. Despite all the advantages stated above, the web version is inherently limited in terms of calculation speed and comprehensiveness of functionality:

  • no portfolio calculations - due to server speed limitation and the need to protect end-user data confidentiality.
  • no Excel/PowerPoint Interop - C# can naturally access these deep-level Windows-specific functionalities. And that's why we built the desktop version using C# instead of a web language such as JavaScript.
  • For commercial reasons, only logged-in users can access non-Solvency-II verbal explanations.

We hope you enjoy using the tool in your work!